Recommendation: Rodney A. Brooks, (Fields of Color) Re: Quantum Field Theory (QFT) 5-Stars

Book Review:

It is the summer of 2015, and I just found a book, that taught me a great deal, both from the intuitive and scientific sides of existence…  It’s primary focus was on Quantum Field Theory (QFT), which is not the same by any measure, to Quantum Mechanics (QM).  I too have written a book recently, and only wish in some ways I had read this book first.  As both books reach into the Physics – that is – in my view often wiser, than todays majority of Physicist’s thinking’s.

Fields of Color (The theory that escaped Einstein), by Rodney A. Brooks, captures a full life-time of physics, with intuition, and a history, well worth the engagement for anyone interested at all in life and existence.

For me, it gave credibility to my own rhetoric and intuition about life.  I did not agree with it entirely, nor would anyone with my own book: “Swimming in Cosmic Soup” (Philosophical and Physics musings on life in the twenty-first century), by Russ Otter.

Quantum Field Theory (QFT), gives common sense voice to such things as irascible, as “Entanglement”, “Superposition’s”, and even the “Infinite” and “Finite”, through the communication link known as “Fields” and “Field Collapse”.

It was worth the read…  You may need some understanding of some basics regarding Physics, but do not feel fully lost – at it is often difficult subject matter.  I know it was often difficult for me.  As even the best of Physicists often will have to re-think the jargon they are engaged in.  In general this book was written so anyone is enabled to grasp the essence…  And if you are a Physics or Science buff, I think you will find it outstanding!

Just my brief review of a grand book, about our often unknowable life and times…
Russ Otter

Final poetic comment to help confuse – no doubt:
“Qunta/Quantum as with Truth, is but a Province of the Whole.”

So goes Philosophy:  So goes Physics
(There is more than meets the finite mind…)


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Retired from Telecommunications, and now am pursing a patent, that I wrote: . Married, and live in Southern California, with 1 daughter, on her own now, and of course we love our dog "Happy"...! Also wrote a book in 2006, called "Swimming in Cosmic Soup"... Available everywhere... Retirement is not Mecca... It is driving me "Stir-Crazy", so I now write...! To grasp how I think, perhaps, try my first Blog: "It Only Takes One Thing!" My Blogs primarily involve: Philosophy, Values, Ethics, and Science.
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