Picture of Physics: According to Human Sentient Thought from Imagination…

Classic and Quantum Physics

Issue One: Gravity

M & M = G

Gravity the missing element in the so-called theory of Everything, ((the missing particle (theoretical graviton) in particle physics)) as Gravity currently appears not to have been created as the other 3 and perhaps more forces have been – by quantum mechanics.  Note: the other 3 forces of nature, that we know about, as they may even be more…  Are the week, strong, and Electromagnetic, which are clearly derived from quantum mechanics.

It appears to me that actually Mass = Gravity, however Mass and Motion are so entangled, I have included both of them in the formula above.  This is all speculative naturally, but intuitive to myself.

Mass, Motion and Gravity are inseparable and are gauged in value of strength by the proximity with other objects.

All matter in motion have kinetic Energy and Mass and therefore are subject to creating, and yes, even the so-called massless photon, the necessary changes of direction of themselves or other objects, whether at an Event Horizon, or at a Quantum Level of nil-negligible effect.

Quantum Waves are part of this nil effect and appear to be exempt from impact. These phenomena of either “Entanglement” or “Superposition’s”, is another subject; but it helps me better accept INFIINITY, which is not definable (No Alpha or Omega) to a sentient finite person, as all things seem connected at a possible quantum-level or even a pre-quantum-level.  Meaning that Infinity is both actually here and not here in the same place at the same time.  Again, do not dwell on this subject, as it digresses from my previous point primarily about the phantom thing, however very real thing — we call Gravity, that seems to elude connection to the Quantum World…

The notion that Gravitons are real is possibly a misnomer.  They in fact may in theory be a new particle that someone will assume to be a Graviton, but is it really?

The Higgs-Boson, may in fact give particles some mass (perhaps), but Motion alone will give rise to Mass.  Mass = Motion.  Just think of the first few seconds before the possible so-called, INFLATION, Mass still was here, but were the Particles of Particle Physics?  Was Matter?  Where they not an evolution of our first mass of Infinitely Hot Plasma from the so-called Big Bang Theory, without the Higgs-Boson or other particles, yet manifest?  Thus Mass = Gravity just as Motion = Mass.

It is not complicated.  In the Beginning of our own CMB Universe, as there may be infinitely more CMB’s, within the Infinite Space-Time Universe, the fundamental nature of the CMB, Began as pure Energy at seemingly infinite levels of temperatures.  Remember E = M and this formula is interchangeable.  From this Energy, the matter of the Quantum began, and then macro matter developed by way of evolution, hundreds of thousands of years later which equals Motion and Mass that gave us Gravity.  M = M and visa-versa – thus Gravity is Manifest.

In other words, Perhaps Ultimately: Gravity is a by-product of other kinetic and original quantum forces and therefore possibly a RESULTIVE Force.  Perhaps not a manifest creation from the Quantum Mechanical World…  From which we all exist…

Note: This is all supposition, but it seems, lacking in the discussion from many a publication…

Einstein, Bohr’s and many others, were Magnificent and Brilliant, but is every binary bit of their universal reasoning, actually the full picture?  I as many others would suggest, not as of yet…

And even more than that, we need to conclude as we expand our knowledge, that INFINITY, is and never will be explainable, as to do so would merely put parameters on it, and thus it would be merely, Finite…

Issue Two: Communication Will Travel – Instantly!

Communication Supersedes the Speed of Light…  NOTE:  This never includes actual macro matter traveling at the speed of light or faster, only information: I am only using macro matter to be receptors, to receive and initiate already Entangled Particles, as I do fully believe that “Communication” may ride/engage the phenomenon of Entanglement…  However, I would also NOTE, I also believe that “Atom” sized Databases, which are now being developed, could even reduce the need for much larger macro Hardware and Software, thus making this so practical that I could transmit the entire Library of Congress, instantaneously…

I have read by many that Communication cannot be superseded by any means, past the constriction of the Speed of Light, or just, slightly there under the Speed of Light, as physicists would clearly argue that they believe a photon is massless. Side Note: (I would caution that nothing is massless, that is in kinetic motion or so it would seem… And further note: that the mass of a Laser produces potentially insatiable Energy:  Hence Mass is Energy and Visa Versa, as science has come to reason.)

Therefore, let me ask a question of the Scientific Community:  If I had multiple, at least a byte (8-bit ASCII) sized quantity of macro mechanical or software wafers mounted on the Earth and as well on the planet Mar’s; would not theoretically a set of photon’s or more practically protons, or some molecule’s which are ENTANGLED at each site, provide the means to Communicate a simple command?  Extrapolate that proposition to mega numbers of hardware and software, and the possibilities to COMMUNICATE, faster that the speed of light, appears to be possible.  Certainly Existence in our CMB is entirely made from a binary (0 & 1) base both within Classical and Quantum Physics.  Given that:  At the most simplistic level of communication – perhaps a single bit or qubit could be captured by hardware and software in different places, a thus could signal a device to simply “Turn on or Off” via Entanglement.   Therefore, time delays based on the Speed of Light, would be superseded, and communication would respond Instantaneously, as if Earth and Mars where truly local.  The technology would take time, but it is not out of the realm of possibility, I do not believe…

Please always recall what Einstein said:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Russ Otter   russotter@verizon.net


PS… One more Issue, to consider: Please…

Updated: Document: 4/25/2016 & Modified 5/16/2016

Issue Three:  What others call, Perpetual Motion, I call “Continuous Motion”: This will no doubt be scowled at, but I have thought of it since I was a child, and built models in my head…  I do think it is possible to create what is essentially perpetual motion, but I call it continuous motion, for the simple reason that all things atrophy, and need to have replacements parts made.

I have two models:

1. Which uses various strength magnets, along with gravity.

2. This uses natural “Static Electricity” along with both Linear and Non-Linear motion, coupled with Gravity, and a simple solenoid.

  • If these work as I assume they will, then we can generate free energy into HEAT, and from that comes relatively free Energy.

These natural elements of Gravity, Electrostatics along with leveraging dimensional motion by way of using both Linear and Non-Linear forms, all but eliminate the need for ever using fossil fuels.  And possibly could enable all people to have an energy system to run their own dwellings (Home’s), for which I believe would better unite the world.

NOTE:  The second-law of thermodynamics is not sacrosanct, as if it does not break, it certainly bends, if you apply “Maxwell’s demon – thought experiment”, and the new research in that area. [Ref: New Scientist May 14-20 2016 “What is Information.”]  However, I believe by changing the rules of Classical Physics, or re-thinking our application of them, it is also possible to achieve heretofore results not imagined…  I know this will give many laughable pause…  But we are far from knowing all things…
Even those we believe  iron-clad…

I speak more about this in a book I wrote, as a legacy for family and friends, called “Swimming in Cosmic Soup” (Philosophical and Physics musings on Life in the Twenty-First Century). NOTE: Must be the Second Edition, to review my lay thoughts on the Physics in the book.

FYI:  I would add, Amazon, and B&N, still try to sell old copies of my first treatise, which does not include my Physics musings.  Which are Chapter 2, and Part 2 of the book.  I would advise anyone who may try to download it or buy it, to use www.iuniverse.com rather than the other online book stores which, may not have the most recent updates.



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