EVIL in Modern Times (Dark Ages Returned)

EVIL in Modern Times – Dark Ages Returned –

A New Day has sprung upon us. It goes by many names, which are usually clocked in the ethereal Spector of a God. Brought to us by the ancients and their rhetoric of control and hate toward the masses, who did not obey them. The unifying name of these groups, was built upon the notion of a God, who has willed them through the Koran, the Judeo-Christian Bible and other cultish relics of Religions, for which have been the instruments that have enslaved humanity, condones concubines, believe in only an Eye for an Eye, the burning of so-called witches, and the destruction of other innocents in the name of correctness, good and right.

Nothing could be more distant from the truth, than these new clergy, clad in hidden “Sheep-Skin” attire – with EVIL as their bread and butter, and criminal treatment of others who simply think other than they do…

These relics of behavior from the past, are re-birthing in the 21st Century. This is a Crime against Humanity. And I offer myself as a martyr, if it were possible to stop this atrocity against humanity.  If so, then these organizations could gladly choose to destroy me in the name of Allah or God. Because I believe in  “Freedom” and “Honor”, not Hypocrisy.

As I believe in the “Golden Rule” and to “Do No Harm”, in this life, not to destroy innocence…

Fanatics’, both Religious and Secular are at the forefront of this new Dark Age.

All peoples, and humanity who do not submit to the “Golden Rule” and to “Do No Harm” (Hippocratic Oath), should be dismantled, altered; in other words disavowed as legitimate forms of a government, Religion or organization ruling any person or persons. They should be deemed “EVIL” by every core of their beings and either eliminated or incarcerated on this civil and law abiding Earth.

We all have governments signed on to the United Nations, for which Eleanor Roosevelt, obtained a unanimous vote for “FREEDOM” as the mainstay of our relations and treatment of all peoples.

That edict and commitment has been gravely violated in the most ruthless and thoughtless of fashions with the new Religious and Cultural rhetoric of the past – now in the new re-enlivened religious and cultural monsters of the day in the era of the 21st Century.

So where is the leadership? Where is the United Nations? Who is standing for Goodness? I dare say a wimpy and slovenly set of world leaders, who will not call a reality a reality. An Ace an Ace… Where are the Ronald Regan’s?: Who said: “Mr. Gorbachev” tear down this wall.” Along with his rhetoric of an “EVIL EMPIRE”, must go. What about the Gandhi’s, the Dr. Kings, and the decent in this world who fought for justice and high standards, not privilege or extra assistance, but fairness that was both Color Blind and Kind in the worst of circumstances. These leaders are needed today, but we have none! [PERIOD] And it is a disgrace to this world.

I call on all leaders to address my issues, and that of millions of others.

The current tide of EVIL, by way of cultural and religious doctrines that would deny others FREEDOM, is an appalling and criminal act. We need leaders, countries, hence the United Nations of our modern and civilized human beings to take action and arrest these EVIL and Willful thugs, called by religious names to be altered or abolished, either by death or incarceration to grace this planet with the decency it and all people deserve.

I do not choose their death as a first act. I call for their incarceration. Isolated from the public, in order that good people of good choices may live independent lives of free and decent choice.

So please, bequest the United Nations or any Leader of any stripe, to take on this battle and eradicate the EVIL we are trying to be led to – as some mode of Religious Justice. It is of EVIL born of ignorance and must be laid to rest.

I am 64 years old, but I will fight for this cause. As EVIL, must not perverse our young to be imbued from the texts of the ancient writings and misadjust the future of humankinds scientific and humane truths.

To Quote:

Jesus said: “Do on to others as you would do to yourself”

Mohammed said: All God’s creatures are his family; and he is the most beloved of God who does most good to God’s crea­tures.”

Take these quotes and ponder them. They hold the truth. Any of the other rhetoric beyond these “Truths” are empty. These “Truths” are the core, and only the core. And they do not imply the destruction of others or lack of Freedom of others [PERIOD].

So, I believe profoundly, that all who work for Allah, or God, by killing and torturing others are Infidels, themselves. They are EVIL and will only reap what they sow…

But while this world is here, where are the Leaders? To articulate and enunciate clearly the names of these misguided Jihadists, and who can truly lead us into paradise, not the useless and unnecessary destruction of which we are currently embarked upon now?

I ask you all in this editorial to please consider contacting someone, our Congressperson, Senator, President or Friends, to press the issue of “Goodness” in the world and demand some level of plain spoken leadership. And then Action. As it is horribly appalling, at the level of emptiness our leaders are demonstrating in this day and age, fallowing a re-birth of the Dark Ages, torturing and killing the beautiful innocence of life. And all in the name of a God!

Thank You, Russ Otter



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Retired from Telecommunications, and now am pursing a patent, that I wrote: www.noahi.com . Married, and live in Southern California, with 1 daughter, on her own now, and of course we love our dog "Happy"...! Also wrote a book in 2006, called "Swimming in Cosmic Soup"... Available everywhere... Retirement is not Mecca... It is driving me "Stir-Crazy", so I now write...! To grasp how I think, perhaps, try my first Blog: "It Only Takes One Thing!" My Blogs primarily involve: Philosophy, Values, Ethics, and Science.
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