New Edition of “Swimming in Cosmic Soup” out in 1/2014

This is a book of who I am, of what I believe is important, and the possibilities of Science and its Physics to change the world for the better.

It will soon be available at and and so on.  Most online book stores in late 1/2014.  Do not buy the first treatise version.  Buy only if it says “Second Edition“.  Search the online websites by entering in my name “Russ Otter” or the book title “Swimming in Cosmic Soup” to find it on these online websites.  The hardcover edition is a great coffee table or bookshelf copy of the book, but the E-book or softcopy carry the same vision…  Cheers and Thanks to all who review this book.

Here is a brief of its contents as reviewed by the distribution company

“Our cosmic soup is in an endless churn, changing the circumstances of events
from moment to moment. Russ Otter swims in this cosmic soup every waking
moment, to discover, learn, fail, and grow. In this, the second edition of his
Swimming in Cosmic Soup from his lifelong quest for understanding, truth, and peace.

This study provides a review of the scientific knowledge we have of our
universe, presented in easy-to-understand terms, and a suggestion of what
this might mean to us. It takes a look at religion from a new perspective,
one in which all sentient people can enjoy a loving, religious life whose
teachings are removed from human extrapolations, rituals, suppositions, and
institutions. It also offers a pragmatic view of theocratic histories—and the
fallout we are living with today as a result.

Otter presents an examination—using responsibility, freedom, and ethics—
of the politically correct culture that leaves no stone unturned for the
mischief this is brought down upon society, along with a look at the nature
of politics and the direction of his own politics, coupled with the ultimate
force and value of humor.

In this study, Otter presents an engaging ride through philosophy, history,
and science as he questions assumptions and the great unknowns of mystery,
discovery, and hope.”



About otterthink

Retired from Telecommunications, and now am pursing a patent, that I wrote: . Married, and live in Southern California, with 1 daughter, on her own now, and of course we love our dog "Happy"...! Also wrote a book in 2006, called "Swimming in Cosmic Soup"... Available everywhere... Retirement is not Mecca... It is driving me "Stir-Crazy", so I now write...! To grasp how I think, perhaps, try my first Blog: "It Only Takes One Thing!" My Blogs primarily involve: Philosophy, Values, Ethics, and Science.
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