Competion Versues Cooperation

What we will and can achieve Together is Far, Far Greater than what we will achieve Individually.

Cooperation is the victor of Competition, forever and a day…  But until we understand that competition is the short-lived victor of only a moments end, we will continue to sacrifice the long-term improved results and success that cooperation is only capable of delivering…

Perhaps one of the greatest athletic coaches of all time coupled with his brilliant words of his published book, as the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) Coach John Wooden once said: “It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.”:

Once this is achieved in the course of human affairs and goals, we will exceed perhaps our own perceived impossibilities.  But until we accept the premise of working as allies, not adversaries our potentials, will be limited, constrained and ultimately wanting of the possibilities the world and the human race can fully achieve, from science and its humane improvements, too new economic and social freedoms, and the rights of human beings to contribute individually at the highest of levels by way of this use of new universal freedom and equality of life, limited only by the “Golden Rule and to Do No Harm to Humankind.”

Once this is understood and executed, we will go where no one has gone before and reach a level of humanity that someday will care for all living things, as we progress step by step toward our greatest of humanities.  At first, as it has always been, we will still test and experiment, with humanity on an often harmful and painful level of a species other than ourselves to find medical cures and answers to mysteries.  This is certainly at odds with our ultimate goal of caring for all living things, but it must be acknowledged that life exists today only by the death of others to feed others (whether by animal or plant), both of which show signs of harm when they are threatened or killed.  A Fact, that science, has proven and will someday possibly be able to abridge and dismiss humanely.

However, In the course of a sustained and a more humane life’s end result, we must begin this cruel journey together, against the best of our ultimate humane goals – as to do it without consensus and compassion, is a plight doomed to fail its full and ultimate potential.  And that failure is the limitation and ultimate extinction of the human race and the good we could possibly do, versus the inevitable contrary.

While competition drives the best in us individually, it is only through cooperation that we achieve the power and grace of humility and the absolute best of our collective lives holds for us…

I pine over this truth between competition and cooperation, but I also accept it, until I can be convinced otherwise.  As we as a collective are born to kill (to feed) to continue to live.  A truth, I find factually abhorrent but also factually honest, however with improved scientific knowledge we will be able to create the demise of this current truth, or at minimum diminish it.  And the Result, will be goodwill toward all, and for all time.  But this passage of change will be obtuse and confused in its evolutionary process.  An implicit trivial, that I find implicitly a fact I must resign myself too.  But non-the-less an ultimate and profound truth…

Again – Contributing and Working Together we win for All.  Individually, we only win for some.  The former should be our goal to achieve the best in us – and for all of us…

Russ Otter 10/5/2016


About otterthink

Retired from Telecommunications, and now am pursing a patent, that I wrote: . Married, and live in Southern California, with 1 daughter, on her own now, and of course we love our dog "Happy"...! Also wrote a book in 2006, called "Swimming in Cosmic Soup"... Available everywhere... Retirement is not Mecca... It is driving me "Stir-Crazy", so I now write...! To grasp how I think, perhaps, try my first Blog: "It Only Takes One Thing!" My Blogs primarily involve: Philosophy, Values, Ethics, and Science.
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