Infinity and Reality (Oxymoron’s?)

Without Impossibilities there are no Possibilities…

Infinity is without linear space or time:
This is an anomaly to the finite world, as Infinity must be by definition.  It defies explanation to a finite sentient mind, but it is sensible and accurate under its own pure nature, in order to create an environment, that is no environment…

Simply how else would you have an endless existence, that has no beginning nor an end?  You cannot.

However, you can grasp this substantive reality that Infinity is a mere nonlinear moment in a momentand nothing beyond.

Clearly infinity has no Alpha or Omega (no environment that can be delineated by linear or non-linear definition), and as such – redacts itself to its nature as a “Superposition”, for a lack of a possible better expression.  Infinity is Both Here and Not Here at the same Time and in the same Space.

Any future research that ignores or moves beyond this circumspect absolute, is reaching into a hopeless effort for the good of nothing, or rather very little.

Infinity answers to no one… [PERIOD and FOREVER].   And Yet without its reality, the finite world would not exist, which does contain the realm of and Alpha and an Omega…

Infinity is a conundrum that possess, its own endless energy that will never die…

Therefore, continuous or Potential Energy is a Truth, not an abstract to be discounted, regardless of its implicit origins from the “Infinite realm”.  If we in the “Finite World” reach into the “Natural Energies, such as “Electrostatics”, “Magnetism”, “Gravity”, coupled with the dimensions of Motion, both linear and non-linear, we may capture a world yet unknown to us, and improve the world in manners un-believed before, by the common-denominator of communication via virtually free Energy…  THE GREAT EQUILIZER FOR HUMANITY…

With knowledge comes many possibilities…  But to rely on the shoulders of histories so-called physics absolutes via such as the concepts of “Thermodynamics”, without exploring further – divides and diminishes our potentials…

Warn your gray-matters against such diminishing returns that result from not thinking outside the box…

PS:  For further physics thoughts, please review a former Blog I posted: “Picture of Physics”.


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Retired from Telecommunications, and now am pursing a patent, that I wrote: . Married, and live in Southern California, with 1 daughter, on her own now, and of course we love our dog "Happy"...! Also wrote a book in 2006, called "Swimming in Cosmic Soup"... Available everywhere... Retirement is not Mecca... It is driving me "Stir-Crazy", so I now write...! To grasp how I think, perhaps, try my first Blog: "It Only Takes One Thing!" My Blogs primarily involve: Philosophy, Values, Ethics, and Science.
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